How do recent changes in technology impact older Americans?

On Thursday, May 30, 2024, Shelly Cano Kurtz will be interviewed by Gary A. Officer, President and CEO of the Center for Workforce Inclusion. The live event takes place at 12:30 p.m. ET. It is free and open to the public through pre-registration.

Shelly will discuss her new book, This Little World: A How-To Guide for Social Innovators. The conversation will explore social innovation methods and how to leverage technology for nonprofit success. Listeners will gain innovative, actionable strategies to foster inclusion, trust, and impact in a rapidly evolving landscape.

For six decades, the Center for Workforce Inclusion has been at the forefront of workforce development initiatives, pioneering employer-driven, forward-thinking solutions that are specifically tailored to empower older job seekers from low-income households.

The May 30th interview is also connected to observance of Older Americans Month in the U.S., a celebration of the contributions of older Americans to society and the issues that concern them. The 2024 theme is Powered by Connection, which recognizes the role that social connections have on health and well-being.

Please register for this fascinating conversation about social innovation today!

Shelly Cano Kurtz
Author of This Little World: A How-To Guide for Social Innovators (Routledge, 2024). Award-Winning Marketer & Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Advocate. Public speaker, startup coach & fractional CMO.

Gary A. Officer
Gary is currently the President & CEO of the Center for Workforce Inclusion, the largest and most experienced nonprofit dedicated exclusively to workplace inclusion and economic opportunity for low-income, older job seekers.